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How the Bail Process Works!


At Georgia Bail Bonds, LLC, we are committed to providing each of our customers with quality, dependable and prompt assistance. Clients call us because we give excellent customer service and offer bail advice for many different situations. Each arrest and charge is different and the bail agency must be aware of various state laws, the arrest process and what it will take to have the person released from jail. If you or someone you know gets into trouble and needs help making bail, call or contact the professionals at Georgia Bail Bonds, LLC today. You will receive fast, friendly and confidential service !!


The Process (What to do if you need us):


1) Locate :

You call a bail bonding agent at Georgia Bail Bonds, LLC. We provide bail bonds in Darien, and Ludowici, Georgia


2) Information:

The bail agent will ask you specific information about your friend/relative who is detained, including but not limited to:

What is the person’s full legal name?

What is the person’s date of birth?

What is the charge?

How much is the bail amount?

What county, city and state is the person being held in?

(The bail bond agent may also obtain some basic information about the accused person’s place of employment, previous arrests and residency)


3) Payment:

You pay the bail bond agency a percentage of the total bail amount. (typically 12-15% based upon the bond amount)


4) Contact:

The bail bond agent will contact the jail and determine the exact bail information and arrange to have your friend/relative released.


5) Arrangements:

You will be contacted by the bail agent as soon as arrangements for release have been completed.


6) Availability:

You must be readily available. The bail bond agent will probably contact you several times throughout the bail process. Provide the agent with a phone number where you can be reached and a fax number if possible. (You can receive faxes at a number of grocery stores, office supply stores, and copy centers).


7) Patience:

Please have patience. Many detention facilities are very slow in processing and often their telephone lines are overloaded with calls.


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